Tidy Cleaning London

Established in London more than three years ago, we at Tidy Cleaning are the professional cleaning company you need. We offer a wide variety of professional cleaning services and we guarantee you a piece of mind and outstanding results. We established our cleaning company to meet the wishes and demands of the ordinary person. Your needs are our priority.

Fully supplied with professional cleaning machines, the best on the market and the best cleaning products, we at Tidy Cleaning London promise to make your property shine. We can help the homeowner keep their property presentable and we can also assist the office worker improve the conditions in their office building. We follow all cleaning standards and we guarantee perfect results, whichever of our services you book.

For a peace of mind and absolute cleanliness, rely on our professional cleaning services. You can book our team of experts to assist your residential or work area at your convenience. Working 7 days per week, we will conform to all your wishes.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices
Studio flat from £89
One Bedroom Property from £145
Two Bedroom Property from £165
Three Bedroom Property from £189
Hourly Based Services Prices
Domestic Cleaning from £20/h
One Off Cleaning from £20/h
Deep Cleaning from £22/h
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Prices
Hallway/ Landing carpet from £4
Armchair from £18
Bedroom carpet from £23
Living/ Dining room carpet from £25
Two seat sofa from £30

Minimum call out charge for Carpet Cleaning £55
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At Tidy Cleaning London, we specialise in six branches

  • Your home will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Dust, grime and stains will be removed from the carpets.
  • Your home will look cosier, tidier and more presentable for the sake of appearance.
  • Booking professional deep cleaning service means that you will your free time back.
  • Booking professional deep cleaning service means that you do not have to spare efforts for doing the chores on your own.
  • You may not know it but booking deep cleaning services is actually easy for you to afford.
  • With a professional cleaning company, the high levels of cleanliness are guaranteed.
  • The cleaners who deliver the deep cleaning are trained and experienced.
  • The cleaners never miss a spot.
  • The products are powerful against various stains and grime.
  • Booking professional end of tenancy cleaning service can help improve the occupancy rate.
  • The service includes the cleaning equipment so you do not have to spare money for the products.
  • The cleaning equipment is environmentally responsible and safe.
  • The end of tenancy cleaning is a time-consuming and back-breaking task so it is better to leave it to the professionals.
  • The housekeepers are trained and experienced.
  • The housekeepers will do the cleaning in a quicker manner which will free up your time.
  • The housekeepers are trained to pay attention to every inch of the property.
  • The housekeepers will make sure that the property is ready for future occupants.
  • The end of tenancy cleaning service is an investment.
  • The check-out deposit is much more than the rate of the service.
  • The carpet cleaning is delivered by master technicians.
  • Each of these technicians has attended introductory training classes.
  • The professional carpet cleaning session guarantees that germs, bacteria, allergens and soil are fully extracted.
  • A deep cleaned carpet is good for your health.
  • A deep cleaned carpet contribute to the elegant look of any interior.
  • If you book carpet cleaning service on a regular basis, the indoor air quality can improve.
  • If you book carpet cleaning service on a regular basis, the lifespan of the carpet can be prolonged.
  • Booking professional carpet cleaning can save you a lot of money.
  • If you do not have the equipment and knowledge necessary, a non-professional can damage the fibers of the carpet.
  • The carpet cleaning is done through the hot water extraction method.
  • The housekeepers who carry out the domestic cleaning session have years of experience.
  • The housekeepers work in a quicker manner.
  • The housekeepers work in a more efficient manner.
  • The cleaning equipment is included in the price.
  • The products used are ultramodern and more powerful than the ones found on the market.
  • The products are nature responsible.
  • If you book house cleaning service on a regular basis, the price is lower.
  • The house cleaning service includes cleaning of every room and area of a home.
  • A thorough and detailed cleaning session gives a piece of mind.
  • You do not have to waste your energy or efforts doing the chores.
  • Oven cleaning technicians have the right equipment for the job.
  • A clean oven can make your kitchen healthier and safer.
  • A sanitised and disinfected oven can help reduce the energy bill.
  • Booking a professional oven cleaning service can save you precious time.
  • Booking a professional oven cleaning can save you energy and efforts.
  • A sanitised and disinfected oven can make the food you prepare taste better.
  • A clean oven heat evenly and quickly.
  • The oven cleaners are familiar with the subtleties of the business.
  • Booking a professional oven cleaning can save you money.
  • The after builders mess is tough to be cleaned so it is advisable to be done by professionals.
  • It is delivered by master technicians.
  • The professional cleaners know how to work in an organised manner in order to cover every inch of the renovated property.
  • The professional cleaners are trained and have broad experience.
  • The professional cleaners work quicker.
  • The after builders cleaning service includes the cleaning supplies.
  • The after builders cleaning service can be booked on bank holidays and weekends for no extra cost.
  • The after builders cleaning service gives peace of mind knowing that the grime is totally gone.
  • After the cleaning session, the place will be healthier and cleaner than ever.

House cleaning services
house cleaningThis type of cleaning service is usually performed by one professional technician. It is available as one-off as well as a regular service – you can rely on us singularly or book us to assist you every week, fortnight, or every month.

We at Tidy Cleaning London include the following cleaning tasks in our house cleaning services: dusting of all surfaces, professional vacuuming carpets, mopping hardwood floors, cleaning all tiles in bathrooms and restrooms, cleaning of appliances on the outside, changing linen, and emptying bins. Our house cleaning service has a minimum booking time of three hours.

Having the perfectly clean home is harder than it seems considering some stains and types of dirt require a more thorough handling. But fear not! We have designed our effective and very thorough house cleaning service precisely to fit your cleaning requirements and satisfy your every need for a clean household. By employing our cleaners on board you get to experience a professional house cleaning treatment on any selected item within your property. Regardless of the item’s cleaning requirements we are prepared to perform a cleaning of a high standard and cleanse your property off the stubborn stains and dirt spots.

Our cleaning technicians are the best there are in all of London. They are real professional cleaners with enhanced cleaning skills and plenty of knowledge regarding the dirt and its thorough and effective removal. The materials and equipment used in the cleaning process are brought along by the cleaners and you need not prepare anything prior to our arrival. We have also made sure that the cleaners working with us are skilled and experienced; none of them have criminal records and we personally vouch for their efficiency and capabilities to make your home perfectly clean once again.

  • How do you know you can trust Tidy Cleaning London?

    Tidy Cleaning London is a respectable leader in the residential house cleaning services. Our master technicians have been delivering reliable cleaning sessions for plenty of years already. All of our teams are made up of background-checked, insured and hard-working cleaners who are regularly monitored. And you can always get in touch with us to discuss the house cleaning service and we will always do anything in our powers to meet your requirements. When you contact us, make sure to share with us your preferences so that we can take them into account.

  • How many housekeepers will perform the house cleaning?

    Usually, we send one housekeeper in your home if it is a regular cleaning. Of course, it depends on the number of rooms in the property and their condition. For instance, if you book our house cleaning service for an emergency, we can send two or even three housekeepers so that they will be able to do the job quickly and thoroughly. We will communicate with you so you will know how many cleaners are or will be in your home. We understand that your home is private and we do respect the fact that you entrust it to our hands.

  • What are our prices?

    Our pricing system is customisable. Our long-standing experience has helped us find out that every home is different as the people’s requirements and preferences. It is why we decided to base our rates on a range of factors such as the size of the property, its condition, presence of domestic pets and pet hair, clutter and so on. It is the reason why we would love to meet you before quoting a rate. Do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

“When I am busy at work or I just do not feel like cleaning, I turn to this company and book their house cleaning services. I have been using them dozens of times and I always know that no matter at what time I contact them, they will manage to fit me in. I have to admit that I had used other companies’ services before but their cleaners were not as good as the cleaners of this company. These guys always work so hard and passionately. They show me each time that I am not making a mistake by relying on them.

After each session with your cleaners, I am sure that my home would be left sparkling and tidy. I love the fact that you send only fully trained and professional cleaners to my home. They are such amazing people and always ask me whether I have any preferences. The cleaners of the previous company never asked me, not even once. Anyway, these cleaners are a far cry from the rivals and I will definitely keep on using the house cleaning services of this company.

There were times when I had booked the house cleaning just for a specific room, not the entire property, and they again performed outstandingly. Not a single nook and cranny is overlooked, every corner is paid the necessary attention. One of the biggest advantages of booking these house cleaning services is that the fee you will be charged is extremely inexpensive and all the cleaning materials are included in the total sum of the service which would mean that you do not have to spend a fortune buying products on your own. If you are looking for somebody to lend you a hand with the chores, do not hesitate to make this company your cleaning supplier.”

Deep cleaning services
deep cleaningThis type of cleaning may also be named spring cleaning. It is usually performed by a team of cleaning professionals. The service includes various cleaning tasks, some of which are: cleaning of all kitchen appliances, both on the outside and on the inside, cleaning all cobwebs. Your bathrooms will be completely disinfected and all kitchen surfaces will be sanitized. The service has a minimum booking time of three hours.

If you are looking for a reputable cleaning company in London, turn to ours and you will never regret your choice. We pride ourselves on our long-standing experience and hard work. We never stop at anything especially when the hygiene and cleanliness of one’s home is on the line. Place your trust in us, and we will transform your home. Take comfort in knowing that your home is in the most caring hands. We promise you an outstanding outcome of our performance.

To put your mind at ease, we collaborate with some of the most experienced and diligent cleaners. With them, the desired levels of cleanliness are guaranteed. In addition to their amazing skills, they are provided with top of the line cleaning equipment which can eliminate pesky stains and other impurities. To set up an appointment with us, contact us by phone and choose the most convenient day and time for you. In case you have some specific requirements, feel free to share them with us and we will gladly take them into consideration. Your satisfaction is our main priority. You can find us in London any day of the week. Make sure to call us.

  • Who does Tidy Cleaning London hire to clean my home?

    Our professional housekeepers are insured and bonded. Our technicians respect people’s valuable homes and privacy which is why they aim at causing minimum disturbance. Each of our employees has spent years in the cleaning field and know which the most efficient cleaning methods and strategies are. They are uniformed so that you can easily recognise them. Each of our cleaners takes pride in their work and perform passionately, receiving updated training courses and supervision to ensure the highest levels of deep cleaning service.

  • How does our relationship work?

    We are a company which believes that communication is of a great importance. At our company, we totally understand that we have to gain our customers’ trust during each deep cleaning session. It is the reason why we are flexible and it is why we offer cusomisable deep cleaning service plans created to meet your preferences and needs. Hassle-free, stress-free. Creating this honest communication and offering flexible services guarantees your satisfaction as a long-term client.

  • Do you always send the same team of cleaners?

    We are a company that believes that sending the same housekeepers is important and we do everything in our powers to ensure the same team. Of course, it is possible some of our employees to be absent, for one reason or another. If this is the case, we can send a replacement team in order to meet the schedule and do the deep cleaning. For the peace of your mind, all of our housekeepers are trained and experienced in the field and work just as well.

Oven cleaning services
oven cleaningOven cleaning service offered by us at Tidy Cleaning London is executed by a single technician. They will clean your oven both on the outside and on the inside. We at Tidy Cleaning London use only professional and environmentally friendly cleaning products; we guarantee that no toxic residue will remain on your oven grill or walls when we are done.

Our company offers professional oven cleaning services that keep your appliance looking spotless and sparkling. For our dear customers, we will always do everything in our powers to deep clean your oven. Whatever your needs are, we can meet them. When we deliver our cleaning sessions, we initially inspect the cooking appliance. Then we clean the racks and liners, using only environmentally responsible cleaning products. We are professionally trained to remove carbon deposits and accumulated burnt-on grime and grease. As a result, your oven will be looking at its sparkling best and will function even better.

Dirty ovens cannot reach the desired temperature easily and quickly. To protect your oven you need to book our amazing oven cleaning service. Our rates are very tempting and will not go harsh on your budget. We can make your oven look and function like brand spanking new again. To book our exceptional oven cleaning service, get in touch with us at your earliest convenience. We are available in the entire region of London. For our customers’ convenience, we work seven days of the week. If you need professional oven cleaning for London, we are your best alternative. Make sure to call us soon.

  • How long does it take to have your oven professionally cleaned?

    The duration of the cleaning sessions depends on what exactly you are having cleaned, how grease and dirty the oven is and whether or not you are having something extra cleaned. Broadly speaking, the thorough oven cleaning can take between 2-3 hours to be cleaned. This, however, concerns single and double ovens. When it comes to AGA ovens, it usually takes longer. If you already set us up for your oven clean up, then cleaning the other parts such as extractors or hobs will take less time.

  • How much does it cost to have your oven professionally cleaned?

    The price of the oven cleaning depends on what you are having cleaned again. You should contact our call centre representatives to quote you the price ahead of booking. The price will be the declared one. However, sometimes if the cooking appliance is taking longer than usual, extra fee may appear. There is nothing to worry about because you will be notified before we start with the cleaning so it is always up to you whether you want us to proceed or not.

  • How often should you have your oven professionally cleaned?

    Of course, this depends on how often you use the oven and what kind of meals you cook there. There are customers who have their oven cleaned once per every six months while others fall between 10-18 months. But it depends on you. We are ready to provide you with a piece of advice on our first visit for when we believe you should have it cleaned again but you decide whether you will take the advice or not. We encourage you to get in touch with us any time for anything. We are always ready to help.

“I’ve had my oven for more than ten years now and it used to work great until last year. Ever since last year, the oven needs longer time to reach the required temperature and it sometimes emits smoke. On top of all, even my food seems affected by the oven because my meals don’t taste as good as they used to and they sometimes smell funny, too.

I thought I would have to replace the oven, but one of my friends suggested that I have it professionally cleaned and see if anything changes. And since most of my friends had used your company’s professional cleaning services before, I decided to book you guys to clean the oven.

It turned out that my oven just needed some cleaning. It stopped emitting smoke after your professional cleaned it and my meals stopped smelling funny, too. Thanks to your technician, my oven looks as if I had just bought it. I will definitely take advantage of your services again.”

Carpet cleaning services
carpet cleaningBeing a professional cleaning company, naturally we also offer deep steam cleaning – hot water extraction carpet cleaning. The service is delivered by a certified technician, experienced in carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning services includes: hoovering with our professional vacuum cleaner, pre-clean treatment of stains and high-traffic areas, deep steam carpet cleaning, deodorization of the carpet fibers and last, but not least 95 percent extraction of the moisture from your freshly cleaned carpet. We at Tidy Cleaning London are able to clean all kinds of carpets and area rugs.

Carpets contribute to the general vision of a home and make it look even more presentable. However, if not maintained properly, carpets become a favourable habitat for tons of bacteria, allergens, germs and other detrimental contaminants. Protect your health and book our professional carpet cleaning services. We are available in the entire area of London and we are ready to come to the rescue any time you need us. We have invested in super advanced cleaning equipment and we make use of the quite well known hot water extraction method which is powerful against all types of stains and grime.

It is mandatory to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular interval. If you still have not booked such service this years, we advise you to get in touch with us right away. We will visit you right on time and will do the proper cleaning for you. After we are done, you carpets will be free of impurities and bad smells. Every inch of the carpet will be treated with utmost care till the desired results are achieved. For our dear customers, we have very attractive deals to offer. Grab the phone already and call us! You can count on us.

  • Can these technicians be trusted?

    Without any doubt. Each of our employees has been in the cleaning business long enough to be familiar with the various carpet fibers and how to treat different stains. What is even more, we regularly organise educational training courses which help them develop their skills in the carpet cleaning service. Our technicians know how to get a job done in the most efficient manner possible, without wasting precious time. They are background-checked and insured. Do not hesitate to put your trust in them just like hundreds of other customers already did. We promise that they will perform at peak levels.

  • What method do you use for cleaning the carpets?

    The method Tidy Cleaning London uses is the quite well known hot water extraction method which many people know as steam cleaning. Thanks to this method, our expert technicians can remove even the deepest soil and most stubborn stains without causing damages to the delicate carpet fibers. Heated, soft water with specially formulated environmentally friendly solution is injected in depth. Then, the soil and grime are extracted along with the solution and most of the moisture. The pieces will be left almost dry.

“I found a carpet in the storehouse when I was moving out. I bought it around three years ago. It was fitting in the living room of my new place but needed to be cleaned first. I was thinking to wash it myself but later changed my mind. After all, I wanted the job to be done properly. I started searching on the internet for a professional carpet cleaning and came across your company. It was very polite of you to schedule my service for the next day and provide me with a free quote.

The call centre agent explained me also about your advanced cleaning methods, which ensure an excellent result. Your representative arrived at the appointed time last Sunday and didn’t have any problems to restore the initial cleanliness of the floor covering. He was working with a steam machine and other eco-friendly materials. All areas were deeply sanitised and deodorised. The best part is that the fellow actually eliminated a huge amount of the moisture after the cleaning, which decreased the drying time. He was tactful, responsive and thorough. Honestly, I didn’t expect such a pristine standard of cleanliness achieved only by the means of environmentally-friendly cleaning materials. I received a hassle-free and effective cleaning service. Thank you very much for replying to my request so quickly.

Working with you is very convenient. Your prices are decent, your technicians are very well-trained and the most important, you honour your word. I wouldn’t hesitate to call you again and recommend your services to other people. Trustworthy cleaning company that provides impeccable cleaning services and outstanding customer service. ”

After builders cleaning services
after builders cleaningYou can also book us at Tidy Cleaning London to come and assist you as soon as builders leave your property complete the renovation of your property. Fully supplied with high-class cleaning machines and cleaning products, we can give you the best after builders cleaning services in the region. A team of two-three technicians will come to your property precisely on time and eliminate all building rubbish. Again, our cleaning service will be delivered by means of natural cleaning products only. Choose our after builders cleaning services and no toxic chemicals will be introduced to your property.

Often the mess the builders leave is very tough to clean. Industrial waste and grime all over the floors. All of these can be very hard to be cleaned, especially without the necessary equipment or knowledge. We assure you that we have all that is needed to deep clean your entire property and make it spotless again. We have the cleaning products, we have the skills! We are available in the district of London and nearby areas! Hurry up and establish a contact with us right away!

The after builders cleaning service of our firm includes proper sanitation and disinfection of every inch of the property. Not only are our services suitable for residential premises but for commercial ones, too. We collaborate with true professionals who have been introduced to the essence of the after builders cleaning. They are equipped with professional-grade cleaning products and tools which are powerful against all types of grime and soil. To book our after builders cleaning service, contact us by phone any time convenient for you. We are available in the entire area of London and we are open seven days a week.

  • How can you be sure about the top quality of the after builders cleaning services delivered by Tidy Cleaning London?

    We are a reliable cleaning company with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of residential and commercial cleaning. Throughout the years we have been working really hard to improve our cleaning methods and tactics. Today, we have managed to made a name for ourselves and we are one of the most respected cleaning companies in the area. If you doubt the quality of our after builders cleaning service, you are free to check our reviews. There you can see what our dear customers think about us.

  • How can you be sure that the rates of our after builders cleaning are better than our competitors?

    By getting in touch with our call centre representatives you are given a detailed quote for each and every one of our long list of services. If you share with us your requirements and preferences, our operators can provide you with more accurate calculation of the price and information but only after they inspect the amount of work that has to be done. No doubt, you can always check what our competitors offer but we are more than sure that you will eventually choose us.

  • How can I trust your after builders cleaners?

    We do respect your privacy and entrusting your home to our hands. We understand that there are people who cannot be fully comfortable with letting strangers in their home, this is the reason why each and every one of our cleaners is vetted and has undergone extensive training course before being employed. You can be more than sure that our technicians will not disappoint you.

“Dear cleaning company,
I want to say that I am absolutely amazed by what your cleaning technicians did with my home. I’d been saving money for a few years because I wanted to renovate the basement and rent it out. When I finished the renovation in the basement I was really happy because I could finally take a break. Wait – was that building rubbish my eyes were seeing in the basement? Even after construction was over?! To be honest, I thought the construction company was obliged to do a comprehensive cleaning after the construction work was over. Well, obviously they weren’t obliged to do anything.

Knowing that there was no chance for me to give the place a proper cleaning, I decided to take advantage of your company’s professional cleaning services. You sent a team of five people to my place, fully armed with professional cleaning gear. All of your specialists seemed to know what they were doing and I was really satisfied with the final results.

When your cleaning team finished cleaning the basement it looked so good that I decided not to rent it out. Instead, I turned into a place for fun activities and now my friends and I gather once a week to play board games or darts.

Without your cleaning specialists’ hard work, we wouldn’t have been able to do such a good job. Thank you for all the hard work. Your cleaning professionals are the best, and so is your cleaning company.”

End of tenancy cleaning services
end of tenancy cleaningWhenever the time comes for you to move out from your rented property – contact us and book our end of tenancy cleaning services. We at Tidy Cleaning London have spent years working hand in hand with leading letting agents and this has provided precious experience. Choose our professional team to perform the end of tenancy cleaning in your renter property. Our experts will apply their knowledge and skills to make every room in your rented property spic and span. Please note that we at Tidy Cleaning London include professional oven cleaning as part of our end of tenancy cleaning services. Choose our end of tenancy cleaning services and to receive the best cleaning services in the region. The end of tenancy cleaning our company offers has a 48 hour guarantee.

Our company offers professional end of tenancy cleaning service to all those tenants and landlords from London who are in need of such. We have been around London for many years and we have always worked hard to satisfy our customers’ needs. It is the reason why we have so budget-friendly rates, too! It is in the interest of both landlords and tenants to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness. Let our cleaners give you a hand with the cleaning while you focus on more urgent matters. Not only will they leave the property clean to the eye but clean to the touch as well. Aside from their rich experience, our cleaners have undergone extensive training courses which help them develop their skills. They have access to the newest cleaning equipment for which you will not have to pay a single penny.

Our end of tenancy cleaning service includes cleaning of every area of the property, no matter how dirty and dusty. We guarantee that our cleaners will leave the property at its sparkling best. With our assistance, tenants will be able to collect the check-out deposit while landlords will be able to put the property on the letting market in a quick manner.

  • What is included in the end of tenancy cleaning?

    Our end of tenancy cleaning service includes deep cleaning of the whole property. You name it, we do it. From ceiling to floor, we are taking care of it all – couches, carpets, floors, toilets, bathtubs, shower cabins, shower heads, fittings, lights, ovens, stoves, appliances, walls, ceiling fans, sinks, taps, tile walls, picture frames, knobs, fixtures, furniture, and much more. As we are definitely forgetting to mention something, make sure to check our task list which is customisable. This means that you can add whatever chore you want!

  • Why you should choose Tidy Cleaning London?

    One of the things that makes us stand out more than our competitors is the fact that each of our representatives is a master technicians. Our housekeepers have had the training necessary for peak performance. What is even more, they have practical experience with a great number of end of tenancy cleaning cases so we can assure you that no job is too big or too small for their skills. You can get in touch with us any time convenient for you and we would be more than happy to serve you. Our end of tenancy cleaning service is of high quality.

  • Do you provide the cleaning products?

    We arrange all the cleaning products and tools necessary for the end of tenancy cleaning session. We want our clients to get the best end of tenancy cleaning service in town! It is why we have invested in super professional cleaning supplies which are included in the final sum of our service. We do not have hidden costs! However, if you want us to use you own detergents, make sure to let us know in advance.

“If you are a tenant then you probably understand my hateful feeling towards moving outs and the tedious end of tenancy cleaning which usually goes together with every vacating of a property. Thankfully, during my last moving out I found out about the cleaning services of this company and I decided to book their professional help. This was the best decision I have ever made as a tenant.

After seeing the skills of the cleaners who perform the service, I am sure that there are the best experts at the end of tenancy cleaning field. I was very impressed by the fact that they asked me about my preferences and they cleaned the property by matching all of my requirements. Once the service was done, the entire property looked completely different and it was sparkling clean from top to bottom.

The professional, yet friendly attitude of the cleaners was amazing and I really felt like I can trust the staff. The cleaning equipment which the cleaners used was with a very high quality and I was surprised how little time it took them to clean thoroughly the entire accommodation. My landlady was also pleased with the final condition of her property and she didn’t hesitate even for a second to give back my security deposit.

I am happy both with the quality of the end of tenancy cleaning service and the fee which I paid for it. Now, I know that I can always rely on this company when I need a quick and effortless way to tackle the cleaning of a property I am vacating. The flexible working hours of the company were very suitable for my busy schedule and the cleaners were able to perform the cleaning during the weekend. I am definitely hiring their help again in the future.”