Carpet Steam Cleaning

You think that oven cleaning is not easy? Well, carpet cleaning is even more burdensome. A survey posted this year showed that cleaning the carpet is one of the most effort-consuming household chores, according to Brits. There are many myths and misconceptions concerning carpet cleaning.

“Thanks” to wrongly perceived statement made by a leading carpet company more than 200 years ago, for example, very few public buildings nowadays rely on the carpet as their flooring option.

Now we simply do not believe that a carpet can be kept in a sanitary condition. We state the opposite – your carpet can be sanitized it is just difficult for people to do it by themselves, i.e., you just need help to keep your carpet perfect.

Actually, the carpet is the ideal flooring option for public spaces as it isolates noise and not only this, but it also adds to the appearance of every indoor space. And keeping it clean is actually a lot easier than you think – you just need to rely on professional assistance.

Speaking of professional assistance, we think it’s best if you rely on our help. We are Tidy Cleaning and we are a professional cleaning company specializing in deep steam – hot water extraction carpet cleaning. With us, cleaning the carpet is as easy as a child’s game. Book our professional carpet cleaning services and you will see the difference. We will eliminate every stain from your carpet and sanitize it completely. We will also help you increase its lifespan, too.

Knowing the importance makes the difference

Choose our services because with us, your carpet will always look spotless no matter what. Even if you do not resolve to our regular carpet cleaning services and you rely on our services only once, we will make your carpet completely spotless and help to increase its durability immensely. Book our professional carpet cleaning services and you will not regret it.

Our carpet cleaning company uses its own patented 5-step cleaning method. Choose us and we’ll:

  • Properly hoover your carpet with our heavy duty vacuum cleaner
  • Pre-clean treat all stains and discolored areas
  • Deep steam clean your carpet, using hot water extraction method
  • Deodorize your carpet completely
  • Extract up to 95 percent moisture from your carpets

Why choose us?

Choose us because we’re capable. We know how to make your carpet spotless, and we will make it spotless using professional and environmentally friendly cleaning products only. With us you can have a carpet that looks as good as a brand new one. And you do not need to do anything more than contact us and book our services. Please note that our professional carpet cleaning company operates in London only. Book our professional carpet cleaning services and enjoy your sanitized carpet.

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    We at Tidy Cleaning London have invested great time and efforts to provide our carpet cleaning technicians with a comprehensive training. As a result, each of our carpet cleaning experts is able to comprehensively clean your carpet or area rug. Each member of our team is a trained professional with more than a year of experience in the field. All of our technicians are fully insured and have clean criminal records.

    Buying new carpets is not only incredibly expensive, but with us it is also unnecessary.
    We at Tidy Cleaning London are all you need to keep your carpet’s brand new look for long. With us you do not receive a mere carpet cleaning, we will also help you strengthen the fiber of your carpet, too.

    We at Tidy Cleaning London understand that improper carpet cleaning can result in fabric fraying and quicker fading of the colours. Our cleaning technicians are capable to perform an adequate cleaning of your carpet. We can not only eliminate stains from your carpet, we can also revive once vivid colours and prevent the fabric from fraying as well.

    • What products do you use to deliver your service?

      Our professional carpet cleaning company uses only environmentally friendly cleaning products to deliver its services. All of our cleaning products are toxic chemical-free and safe for use near children and domestic pets, too.

    • Do you offer short notice cleaning services?

      Yes, our professional carpet cleaning company offers short notice cleaning services. And the best part is that our short notice services are not more expensive than our regular cleaning services. Choose us and you will love the results.

    Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Prices
    Hallway/ Landing carpet from £4
    Armchair from £18
    Bedroom carpet from £23
    Living/ Dining room carpet from £25
    Two seat sofa from £30

    Minimum call out charge for Carpet Cleaning £55