Terms and Conditions

Please find our Terms and Conditions below:


When our services are ordered over the phone, we normally estimate the price by using the the size of a standard room. We reserve our right to adjust this term and change it after examining the property or in case the Client changes the requirements.

Additional Service

Our company offers additional service in case of a complaint made by the Client. Within the period of 48 hours after our employees have left the particular property, the Client has the chance to contact us and require a new visit. Our company will send a team to examine the areas the client is not satisfied with and will improve any imperfection, if present. A re-visit can be claimed no later than 48 hours after completion of the initial work.

Payment Methods

We require that payment is made cash to our employees after the work is completed, unless else is agreed in advance. Payment can also be made by bank transfer in case the Client and the Company have agreed to this when making the appointment. Payment by bank has to be made no later than one day prior to the appointed time of the service. Our company reserves the right to cancel any appointment that has not received payment for within the set period.

Cancellation Of Appointments

To cancel an appointment, the Client has to contact us no later than one day prior to the appointed time of the service. Otherwise, we reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee.

The Company also reserves the right to cancel any appointment that is considered dangerous for our experts or in case of unexpected obstacles.


Once the service is carried out, refunds can not be claimed. To make a complaint, it has to be in written form and submitted no later than 24 hours after the completion of the service. After having received a complained, the Company is responsible to carry out a detailed investigation in order to solve the problem.

Within the period of investigation, access to the property is necessary. Our company does not take the responsibility if a third party has been implicated before the return of our employees to the property.

Our employees do their best to perform their duties with attention and care. To avoid accident, such as breaking of an item, we require the Client to store away anything that is easy to break, expensive items or such of great importance to the Client.

The Client is obligated to allow access to the particular property within the period of 24 hours after making a complaint. Our company is not responsible for breaks and damages that existed before the initial arrival of our employees and for damages that were not cause from our side. We do not take responsibility for stains that can not be dealt with in the traditions methods with work with.

We make sure we provide every property with high-quality service and achieve great results. However, we are not responsible if there are heavy damages that can not be removed.

When ordering fridge cleaning services, the Client is required to defrost their refrigerator prior to the appointment, otherwise our employees will not be able to clean in on time within the period that is set for their performance.

Waste collection is not included to our company’s gardening services.

Our end of tenancy cleaning services require that all furniture are taken out of the property for optimal results. Our company is not responsible for imperfections if furniture is present in the property during the service.


Our company requires access to electricity and running water during the service, in order for our cleaners to carry out their work properly. If our employees do not have access to electricity or running water, our company charges a fee of £60.

Access to the property at the appointed time is required as well. The door should lock/unlock and open easily without effort. If access is not allowed, the Client will be charged £60.

Regular Cleaning Services

Our regular cleaning service require that the payment is made in person to the cleaner every time after the completion of the work.

If the Client claims a meeting with an employee of ours, the Client is charged £10 travel expenses.

We require that the Client provides our cleaners with the needed cleaning products and equipment.

We do not reschedule regular cleaning visit. They are performed at the same time that has been set initially.

If the Client wants to cancel an appointment but does not contact us within 24 hours prior to the appointed day, we charge a fee equal to the amount of the service. The fee is non-refundable.

Daily regular cleaning services take two hours. Weekly cleaning takes three hours.

Minimum Rates Of Services

Our company applies minimum charges for some services, such as:

  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services – a minimum of £48
  • One Off Cleaning Services – a minimum of £36
  • Gardening Services – a minimum of £50

Services that are charged above the set minimum rates can use discounts.

Hourly cleaning services do not use discounts.

Our company does not take responsibility for cancellation of appointments due to unfortunate or unexpected obstacles and factors that do not depend on us.

Once the cleaning service has been performed, refunds can not be claimed.