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Sofa Cleaning Services LondonDoing a home renovation is a wonderful thing. Often times, even though it is done in order to improve your home and make it more suitable to your needs, renovating your home also ultimately improves your life, too. It can make you feel better at home, help you relax, or fall in love with your spouse all over again. Undoubtedly, even the smallest change in your home will affect your whole life (in a positive way, we hope).

Renovation doubtlessly has numerous advantages. Yet, it has a dark side as well. All dirt which remains after a renovation (believe me, there will be dirt, and there will be a lot of dirt) when the  renovation is over could seriously alter your health if not removed on time. What we at Tidy Cleaning London have understood through work experience is that every type of renovation leaves dirt behind, and it is just the amount of dirt that varies.

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What is so bad about renovation dirt? Well, as any type of commercial residue, renovation dirt has several characteristics. It is consisted of toxic dust (created by activities such as sanding or cleaning of recently applied grout), small and big building rubbish, paint stains, etc.

Most building companies are obliged to clean up after themselves. However, keep in mind that they are not obliged to make your property immaculately clean – rather, all they are required to do is remove big building rubbish. Cleaning up everything else is your responsibility. And if you choose us at Tidy Cleaning London to assist you, it will become not only our responsibility as well, but our priority.

What is so dangerous about toxic dust, you might wonder? If inhaled for a prolonged period of time, toxic dust will damage your lungs, cause permanent allergy-like symptoms, and even lead to asthma-like conditions. In fact, toxic dust is linked to lung cancer as well. Now you know why you should clean your whole property (rather than the area which underwent renovation) thoroughly when the renovation process is over.

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Or, you can simply contact us and book our professional after builders cleaning services. We at Tidy Cleaning London have the knowledge necessary to perform an adequate cleaning of your property after the renovation process is over. Our cleaning experts have abundant experience in the field of after builders cleaning and they guarantee you piece of mind and amazing results.

As you probably think, cleaning up after a renovation is far from the easiest thing one can do. That is why we offer to assist you. But it is not the only reason. We do not mean to be rude, but when it comes to after builders cleaning, we can do a better job than you. We have spent years performing this type of cleaning service and we will not disappoint you. We operate in London only. Choose us because we not only deliver outstanding cleaning services but also our services come at reasonable price, too.

Our professional cleaning company was established more than 3 years ago. We decided to specialise in after builders cleaning in particular because we understand how difficult it is for homeowners to clean their home after renovation by themselves.

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Rather than thoroughly clean every room within the premise when the renovation process is over, most homeowners opt to clean only the area which underwent renovation. However, this is far from enough to make their property sanitary enough. If you choose our after builders cleaning services, our specialists will not turn a blind eye on anything. For a tackle-free cleaning, contact us and book our after builders cleaning services.

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    With us, you do not have to worry about dirt left behind, because we will not leave your premises until we make your property sparkling clean. We will apply special cleaning methods to ensure maximum toxic dust elimination. Moreover, our specialists are trained in paint stains removal as well. Choose our professional after builders cleaning company and you will not regret it. We are based in London, contact us and book today.

    We are the preferred choice of home owners, tenants, and even public building owners as well. Everyone can take advantage of our professional cleaning services. We are flexible in terms of working hours. We will conform to your wishes completely and come to assist you at your convenience. Rely on us.