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Sofa Cleaning Services London Many people struggle to keep their oven clean. And undoubtedly, everybody has cooked that one meal in their oven which completely ruined it by leaving grease, food particles, and many more on the bottom of the oven; worst case scenario – both on the bottom and on the walls. After preparing such a meal, owners have to put a lot of elbow grease into cleaning their oven. Because if they do not, they risk losing their appliance a lot sooner than they initially expected.

That is far from all. We at Tidy Cleaning London have conducted a survey which showed an amusing fact – cooking enthusiasts with dirty ovens often times pay much higher electricity bills than their counterparts keeping a spic and span ovens. Naturally, people owning a dirty oven were also prone to a number of diseases and allergic reactions – up to 70 per cent more often than homeowners who keep a sparkling clean oven. Of course, the oven is not the only reason for this difference. Yet it is a factor, and a largely unavoidable one as well.

Ideally,i.e., if you keep your oven clean, your meals will be tasty, you will not have to shell out huge sums of money for electricity bills, and also your oven will be durable as well. On the contrary, keeping a dirty oven will not only cause your meals to taste like stale grease and increase your electricity bills, not keeping the oven in an appropriate condition also increases the fire hazard as well. We at Tidy Cleaning London are here to help you keep a clean oven and eliminate the fire hazard.

Obviously, anybody is capable of  scrubbing and polishing the oven, but one ought to ask themselves whether that is really enough to clean it? According to leading oven brands – it is not. Contrary to common belief, dirt affects every part of your oven, not just its visible parts. Oven manufacturers advise us to clean the oven thoroughly at least once a year to keep the fire hazard at bay. They also suggest that if left to accumulate, dirt and grease will decrease the durability of your oven, ultimately reducing the lifespan of the appliance.

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Dirt also affects your cooking and particularly your baking. Grease and grime accumulated on your oven walls and bottom emits unpleasant smell which could alter the taste of bread, cakes, etc. Dirt accumulated on the walls of your oven is very likely to reduce the efficiency of the appliance; and thus it will increase your electricity bill as well.

Now you know that it is important to clean your oven. And now, let us be honest – who is willing to spend hours on end scrubbing grease off their oven’s walls and bottom? We thought so, too.

That is why we at Tidy Cleaning London are ready to clean your oven instead of you. Contact us and book our oven cleaning services. With us you receive a brand new oven without having to pay for it. With outstanding performance-price ratios, we at Tidy Cleaning London will make your oven shine in no time.

We are Tidy Cleaning and we’re a professional cleaning company with more than three years of professional experience in the field. With our team of motivated professionals and high-class equipment, we will make your oven look and work like a brand new one.

We are preferred by homeowners and restaurant owners alike. If you rely on us to keep your oven clean, you will not regret it one bit – our oven cleaning services are affordable and delivered by professional technicians who know how to keep an oven in an excellent condition. What is more, we are flexible in terms of working hours. We understand how busy you are and we are ready to conform to your wishes completely. And last, but not least, we have a friendly customer support team, ready to answer all of your questions thoroughly.

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Our professional oven cleaning company operates in London only. We are the only professional cleaning company in the area which works with professional and environmentally friendly cleaning products only.

We take a great pride in our cleaning products as they are completely safe for use near children and domestic pets. With us no toxic residue will remain on your oven’s grill or walls when we are done cleaning it.

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    Our team is the best in London. You do not believe us? Well, contact us and book our services, we will gladly prove you wrong. Each member of our team went through an extensive training program where they were taught how to perform our services with great attention to detail each time.

    Our technicians know how to disassemble and reassemble any oven in less than an hour. They will take apart your oven as this will enable us to reach areas out of reach and clean them too. Our oven cleaning methods are better than those of our competition. Rely on us and we will provide you with the best cleaning services in London.

    Choose us because we will eliminate grease and grime from every part of your oven; we will increase the lifespan of your oven and last, but not least, we will help you reduce your electricity bill by making your oven efficient again.

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