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House CleaningOf course, keeping your home clean is important, especially when you have children. However, it is a little known fact that people who spend their time cleaning their property spend less quality time with their family and loved ones as a result.

A recent research revealed that parents and especially mothers spend up to 65 per cent less time with their children because the time they spend at home they tend to spend cleaning, not playing games with their children.

This does not for a second suggest that one should neglect the condition in their property. On the contrary, cleanliness plays a pivotal role in the healthy condition of both adults and children. That is to say, keeping your property in the appropriate condition in order for your child to grow up as healthy and happy individual is essential. Likewise, spending enough time with your child is just as important for their development.

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    If you want to spend more quality time with your child and keep your property in a sanitary condition, contact us and book our house cleaning services. We can clean your home for you. With professional experience of over three years, we are familiar with the specifications of household cleaning. We at Tidy Cleaning London will come to your assistance at your convenience.

    We value our personnel greatly and we invest a lot of time and effort into training each new member of our team to conform to our cleaning standards. We understand that when booking a professional cleaning company, you expect exceptional results. With us at Tidy Cleaning London exceptional results are guaranteed.

    We have high cleaning standards and we will apply them when cleaning your property. Choose us and we will dust your furniture and mop your floors. Our professionals will pay utmost attention to every detail as well. At Tidy Cleaning London, we do not turn a blind eye on dirt – we face it and defeat it.

    What to expect

    From us you can expect accuracy – we will come precisely on time for our appointment. From us you can expect diligence – we will not leave your property until we make it sparkling clean. From us you can expect professionalism – our technicians are trained to deliver professional cleaning services with exceptional attention.

    From us you can expect friendliness – all members of our cleaning team and our customer support team are friendly and easy to talk to. Choose our house cleaning services and you will see the difference – with our help your home will not look clean, it will be clean.

    Please note what’s included in our house cleaning services below:

    • Mop and polish floors
    • Change linens and empty bins
    • Clean outside of all appliances and cupboards
    • Wash tiles top to bottom in bathrooms and restrooms
    • Clean and polish silver and brass ornaments and cutlery

    We at Tidy Cleaning London care for you and for us the conditions in your property are a priority. That is the reason why our technicians will  pay extra attention to cleaning your property. But that is not all – apart from making your property sparkling clean, we at Tidy Cleaning London will also teach you how to keep it this way for as long as possible.

    We are advising you to:

    #Vacuum at least once a week
    When it comes to weekly cleanings, the vacuum cleaner is an irreplaceable tool – it should be your best friend. Use it anytime, anyplace – it saves a lot of time (imagine sweeping your floors with a broom) and by different attachments, you can cover various areas.

    #Use home-made cleaning products
    There are all sorts of recipes for DIY cleaning products. Use DIY cleaners when your clean and you will not regret it. Homemade cleaning products are the cheap and healthy alternative you should use to clean your property. They are just as efficient as expensive market-bought cleaning products. However, they are environmentally friendly and will not pose a thread to your child’s health.

    #Declutter regularly
    The key to keep a clean home is to declutter on a regular basis. Keep clutter away from your property at all costs – it makes a property look a lot dirtier than it actually is. Clutter won’t just make your home look messier than it actually is – clutter will affect your mental health, too.

    Choose our house cleaning company because we will treat your home as if it were our own. We want you to not only spend more time with your loved ones, but also to live in a sparkling clean home. Our house cleaning services are available as one-off or regular cleaning services. We offer short-notice cleaning services. Choose us and your home will always be in a perfect condition.