Deep Cleaning London

To maintain a high level of cleanliness in their property, homeowners need to perform a deep cleaning every six months to a year. Deep cleaning is nothing like regular cleaning (which is done every week or every two weeks). Contrary to common belief, it is nothing like spring cleaning, either.

When moving in a new property, residents would wish to perform deep cleaning in the premise to be sure that the place is cleaned to their standards. Deep cleaning service may also be performed when one uses a particular area in their property on a daily basis and wishes to keep it in an appropriate condition.

For us at Tidy Cleaning London nothing will appear as a problem. Supplied with the best cleaning equipment available on the market and relying on environmentally friendly cleaning products only, we are able to perform deep cleaning services to your unique needs and preferences.

You don’t need to know our name to know that we rule the game

If no specifications have been provided to us beforehand, our deep cleaning services will cover every room within the premise. When performing deep cleaning services, ‘tidying up’ is not enough. In fact, it is not accepted. Rather, our team of specialists will apply special cleaning techniques to ensure maximum bacteria and dirt elimination from every surface in your property.

Hourly Based Services Prices
Domestic Cleaning from £20/h
One Off Cleaning from £20/h
Deep Cleaning from £22/h

Deep cleaning services can be booked when a property has not been used for some time and needs refreshing, after renovation processes, and, as we mentioned above, we are able to perform the service in a particular area in your property, too.

What is more, our team will also thoroughly clean between and behind appliances and the appliances themselves, too. When performed correctly, deep cleaning can help you remove up 99 percent bacteria and germs from your property. Choose us at Tidy Cleaning London and we will eliminate all bacteria from your property.

For us at Tidy Cleaning London it is important to explain to our clients what does our deep cleaning services include and in which cases can they be booked. In essence, deep cleaning services delivered by Tidy Cleaning London are very similar to after builders cleaning services. The service is usually performed by a team of professional technicians which, as we mentioned above, will go through every room within the premise and clean it (if they have not been instructed otherwise).

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    As expected, the appropriate deep cleaning service takes up time and effort. Understanding how busy you are, we would like to offer you to perform the deep cleaning service in your property for you. We guarantee outstanding results and piece of mine.

    Our professional cleaning company specializes in deep cleaning. We are the assistants you need if you want to eliminate not only dust, but also germs and bacteria from your property completely. Our cleaning company is based in and covers London.

    Choose us because we have the experience and knowledge to make your property spic and span.  Our technicians are professionals with more than a year of experience in the field. Choose us, because we will help you achieve immaculate cleanliness. We will tackle every corner of your property with grave attention to detail and we will not turn a blind eye on any detail, too. When we are done, you will not believe how clean your home is. Contact us and book our deep cleaning services.

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    • Satisfying your completely
    • Working throughout the week
    • Using professional cleaning tools
    • Performing the service with attention to detail

    About us

    We at Tidy Cleaning London established our professional cleaning company in London more than three years ago. Our company was found by diligent people who love cleanliness and want to promote it. What is so unique about our professional cleaning company is that our team is complied of people who greatly value cleanliness, just like our founders – that is why we better others in every respect. For us, only perfection is perfect.

    At Tidy Cleaning London we invest greatly in order to own the best professional cleaning machines and cleaning products available on the market. We highly pride ourselves because we have the best cleaning team in London, and that is far from our only advantage – we are also happy to announce that our friendly customer support team is the best in London. If you have any questions concerning our cleaning methods, our technicians will gladly answer all of your questions. You can e-mail us whenever you wish.

    • What kind of cleaning products do you use and are they safe for use near pets?

      Our cleaning company works with environmentally friendly cleaning products only; they are toxic chemical-free and safe for use near children and pets

    • Is the service performed by a single technician or a team?

      Our deep cleaning is always done by a team of professional technicians