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Deep Cleaning Services LondonLet us give you some food for thought! If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime! Johnny Cash is permanently unavailable for prison concerts so you don’t have much to look forward to, do you?! Contact Tidy Cleaning London and avoid a brush with the law! We would be happy to help any law-abiding resident of Mayfair to stick to their contract obligations.

We are one of the good guys! Our distinguished professional cleaners are on the beat any day of the week. We got you covered 24/7 on holidays too through our customer support line. Crime doesn’t pay but our end of tenancy cleaning company is worth your consideration.

As the leaders in the field in Mayfair we realize that with great power comes great responsibility! For that reason we are always growing and expanding the range of our services to fit the needs of our customers.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices
Studio flat from £89
One Bedroom Property from £145
Two Bedroom Property from £165
Three Bedroom Property from £189

end of tenancy cleaning servicesYou can now benefit from our transportation service. Let us help you move out to your lovely new place! We have zero tolerance for empty promises! We strive to earn an honest penny with a premium service that answers each of your expectations.

We encourage you to contact our representatives and voice your concerns! You must have a vision for the individual needs of your rental place and you are welcomed to share it with us! Tell us your requirements so we can find the cleaning plan and the price that is most convenient for you.

It’s okay if you don’t have a game plan too! We can advice you on the package of services that would satisfy your landlord and suit most perfectly your budget.

Call us today and we will make a free calculation for you! Our qualified specialists follow a cleaning system that runs like clockwork every single time.

  • How many technicians should I expect?

    Depending on how big your property is, the number of technicians which will come and attend your property varies from two to five. The bigger the property, the more technicians will come and assist it. We ask the Client to keep in mind that this is done in order for us to complete the end of tenancy cleaning session as soon as possible.

  • How do you determine your prices and should I expect any additional charges?

    The Client will receive a firm quotation upon booking our services. The prices are reasonable and determined on the basis of how big your property is. Our prices are tax- and equipment-included. As for additional charges, we assure the Client that they will not be imposed any surcharges.

  • Do I have the carpet cleaned as well?

    Unfortunately, carpet cleaning is not part of our professional end of tenancy cleaning services. Nevertheless, the Client can book our company for a carpet cleaning plus end of tenancy cleaning session – huge discounts are available.

  • Are your services limited in terms of time?

    No, our end of tenancy cleaning service is not limited in terms of time. We will send a team of professional technicians who will not stop cleaning until they have performed a thorough deep cleaning of each corner in your property.

  • How do you apply your guarantee?

    As the Client has been informed, our end of tenancy cleaning service comes with a 48-hour guarantee. After the cleaning session has ended, we will send a professional to inspect the way our technicians have performed the service. Should the professional find anything wrong, within 48 hours we will send a cleaning team to perform the service again. The re-cleaning session is completely free on part of the Client.

The only thing you need to do is to introduce yourself to us! We cover the whole area of Mayfair. We will make up for the time we didn’t know each other by showering you with the best customer service care you have ever witnessed! We do love to make our customers happy!

You don’t have to work yourself into the ground! After all you’re planing on moving out and not barricading yourself! Leave the hard work to our experts! End of tenancy cleaning requires special set of skills, extra efforts and spare time that nobody expects you to have.

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    You can trust us! Take advantage of a tailored cleaning plan and let us deliver you a real piece of work!

    They say that a poor workman blames his tools and we can’t agree more! That’s why our cleaners are specially trained by the high standards of our company and they are constantly honing their skills with regular quality improvement sessions.

    tenancy cleaners londonThen we gear them up with the most cutting-edge natural detergents and professional machinery to achieve unrivaled high standard results.

    Give us your list of task and we will strictly follow it to the last one.

    We have a number of services to entice your interest with special dials like curtain, carpet and upholstery cleaning. Many more offers await for you at our office in Mayfair.

    We promise to respond to your every requirement with utmost diligence and to find a solution for each of your cleaning problems.

    With us you are guaranteed to have a good time and receive a full refund of your deposit money!

    Our clients Testimonials

    “I am an owner of a few properties in the center of London. My experience with tenants is very controversial, so I have decided to allow them to leave without asking them to clean the place.

    It is because some people leave a mess behind them, and others fail to clean it properly for the next tenants. If these cases happen I am obligated to seek professional help, therefore I decided to let them leave without a cleaning clause. It saves them time, but also saves time to me. At my own home, my wife sometimes requires the services of a professional cleaning company, when she doesn’t have enough time to clean everything by herself.

    We are very satisfied with the results, so I decided to use the end of tenancy cleaning services of the same company. I call them to clean a property when the tenants leave, and I am more than happy with the results. The new tenants are impressed, too. I didn’t realize, until recently, that I didn’t event noticed the name of the company.

    I saw an add on the Internet a few minutes ago, and it stroke me that this is your company. There was something familiar, maybe because I’ve seen the logo numerous times before. So, I decided to leave a positive comment in your section, and I wanted to thank you for the high quality of your services. Good luck!” – Michael