End Of Tenancy Cleaning Hammersmith W6

Deep Cleaning Services LondonWe guess you are here, because you are soon to be moving out and you are looking for some easier way to do it. Chances are you are a little bit confused, because you can’t decide whether to call a professional cleaning company or not.

Well, we can totally advise you to ask for some help, because moving out can cause some extra activities for which you might not have the time. One of the most important things in this process is the refund of your deposit money.

We understand why you want to get it back, and we are here to be in your favor. Meet our End of Tenancy Cleaning Service in the following lines.

Tidy Cleaning London operates throughout the whole area of London, and we are familiar especially with the district of Hammersmith. If you are surrounded by Hotel Novotel London West and other buildings and you want to be closer to the bank of the River Thames, perhaps the right choice is to move out.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices
Studio flat from £89
One Bedroom Property from £145
Two Bedroom Property from £165
Three Bedroom Property from £189

end of tenancy cleaning servicesWe can help you in that process. Our service – End of Tenancy Cleaning is probably exactly what you need. We are familiar with Hammersmith and there will not be any problems to come at the right address exactly when you want us to.

Let’s talk a little bit more about us. We are in the cleaning branch for almost a decade now, therefore we are well experienced in the cleaning area of business.

We have years of cleaning behind our backs and our professionalism is only growing with every year.

Our End of Tenancy Service in Hammersmith is absolutely perfect from every single point of view.

We will give more than 100% to make your place sparkling clean and you will definitely get that deposit back.

What is so special about OUR service?

Other than experience, we have more and more high qualities that will help you decide to pick us.

Tidy Cleaning London presents to you the complete End of Tenancy Cleaning Service which offers not only a thorough cleaning of the rooms, but also giving special attention to every little detail.

  • How many technicians should I expect?

    Depending on how big your property is, the number of technicians which will come and attend your property varies from two to five. The bigger the property, the more technicians will come and assist it. We ask the Client to keep in mind that this is done in order for us to complete the end of tenancy cleaning session as soon as possible.

  • How do you determine your prices and should I expect any additional charges?

    The Client will receive a firm quotation upon booking our services. The prices are reasonable and determined on the basis of how big your property is. Our prices are tax- and equipment-included. As for additional charges, we assure the Client that they will not be imposed any surcharges.

  • Do I have the carpet cleaned as well?

    Unfortunately, carpet cleaning is not part of our professional end of tenancy cleaning services. Nevertheless, the Client can book our company for a carpet cleaning plus end of tenancy cleaning session – huge discounts are available.

  • Are your services limited in terms of time?

    No, our end of tenancy cleaning service is not limited in terms of time. We will send a team of professional technicians who will not stop cleaning until they have performed a thorough deep cleaning of each corner in your property.

  • How do you apply your guarantee?

    As the Client has been informed, our end of tenancy cleaning service comes with a 48-hour guarantee. After the cleaning session has ended, we will send a professional to inspect the way our technicians have performed the service. Should the professional find anything wrong, within 48 hours we will send a cleaning team to perform the service again. The re-cleaning session is completely free on part of the Client.

In our service is included the Professional Oven Cleaning, because is the kitchen clean, if nobody payed attention to the oven? Of, course not. We know that, and this is precisely the reason why we want to leave every single inch of your to-be-ex residence perfectly clean. After all, impression is everything, right?

We are the most professional cleaning company you will find in Hammersmith, because we know where we stand and we perfectly know how to keep our position on the market. That is the consequence of our hard work. We know that cleaning can be hard, however we’ve mastered the techniques and methods to do it the proper way.

We have up-to-date machines in our disposal and our cleaning professionals have the precise knowledge for using them on their full potential. All for one – you! They will do everything in their forces to clean perfectly the place, and you will be surprised of their efficiency.

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    tenancy cleaners londonTidy Cleaning London is the absolute enemy of toxins, chemicals and any kind of poisonous substances. Because of this reason we use only eco-friendly and environmentally safe products and detergents in our cleaning. We are aware that some substances have negative and even dangerous effects on people, so we prefer not to leave that to chance.

    Our End of Tenancy Services is the best choice you can make that will absolutely help you when you move out. We know how cleaning is done and we definitely have the time to do it for you.

    You have two ways to contact us. The first is on our e-mail and the second one is over the phone. In both cases our employees at customer support are waiting for you to reach us and they will readily answer to any questions you might have. If you contact us and book End of Tenancy Cleaning Service, you’ve already done the half work. We are going to take care of the other half.

    You will definitely not regret it if you ask for our help and you will be left positively surprised after we finish with that soon-to-be-ex place of yours!

    Our clients Testimonials

    “I am a student here, 2nd year now. When the last term finished, I had to leave my old place. My landlord required of me to clean the apartment before I leave. I had no intention to do it by myself.

    First, I asked a couple of friends to help me out, but they also had to leave for the summer vacation and couldn’t help. Fortunately, one of them, told me that I could call a professional cleaning company and ask them to do the work. He said that your company is great and is not expensive. I thought, why not, and the next day I called you. The two women arrived precisely on time and were very polite. I told them that it’s an end of tenancy type of cleaning. They started working and kindly declined my offer to help them. My old apartment wasn’t that big and they didn’t have to work a lot.

    I paid them and they left giggling. I never understood why they laughed, but it definitely wasn’t related to the service. Soon, I realized that everything was perfectly clean. The service they provided was done perfectly and I was relieved. In two days my landlord came for the keys and was very impressed with how the place looked. He even told me that I don’t need to study, I might as well start cleaning people’s houses and become rich.

    I laughed really hard and explained him the situation. I even gave him your company’s number. He left with a smile and we ended in good terms. I know one thing for sure – when I move out of my present apartment, I will call your company to make the place look like new. I even recommended you to my mom. Thank you.” – Logan

    “I live in whole Europe. You name it – I’ve been there, and chances are I lived there for at least two weeks. I am a student and I love traveling. Fortunately, my family’s wealth status gives me the opportunity to travel wherever I want.

    Most commonly I go to Italy. I love Venice and Florence, but my heart belongs to those charming Brits, especially in London. Every time I am in London, I stay for about a month. I always rent an apartment in the same building and I learned to call your company when it comes to cleaning. Every time I move in, I call your company and ask them to clean the place, because I don’t like the thought of having something left from the people who lived there before me.

    I also use your services for end of tenancy cleaning. I am very satisfied with the work your professionals do. Every time I leave the place, the landlord is more than happy with what is left behind me. The apartment is tip-top clean.

    The surfaces sparkle and it’s impossible to see a spider or spot a stain in any of the rooms. The last time I was in London, was eight months ago, and my plans involve going there the next week. I know I am going to call your company, there is no doubt, it’s even more sure than my visit to London.” – Isabelle