End Of Tenancy Cleaning Maida Vale W9

Deep Cleaning Services LondonAttention, attention, tenants!

Can you hear the evacuation alarm?

Or is this just your guilty consciousness on the loudspeaker?!

No, no no! Show us your hands! Put the earplugs down and take a step back!

Let’s not make this harder than it has to be! We can see that deep down you’re a law-abiding citizen! Show us that we’re not wrong and pick up the phone to request the services of our end of tenancy company!

We are the first responders for crisis end of lease cleaning situations in the area of Maida Vale. You’re shy at heart?! Bless your tender soul, we have another booking option! If it’s more convenient for you, fill our online request form.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices
Studio flat from £89
One Bedroom Property from £145
Two Bedroom Property from £165
Three Bedroom Property from £189

end of tenancy cleaning servicesAlthough there is plenty of information on our website, should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write us a few lines. We would love to help you with your contract responsibilities in any way we can!

It’s the final countdown of your tenancy! The clock is tick tock ticking and you’re probably drowning in a pool of bitter-sweet emotions. Hold the line, our professional help is always on time! Tidy Cleaning London can help you say farewell to your old dear place when you feel ready during the week. Know that you are not alone, we’re always there for you!

You know what?! We’re being inconsiderate! Let us properly introduce ourselves! Here we are!

We’re excited for you to meet our exceptionally talented cleaners with a stellar training that gives them a winning leverage with the competition in Maida Vale. They have the most careful approach to work and with them your property will be in safe hands.

  • How many technicians should I expect?

    Depending on how big your property is, the number of technicians which will come and attend your property varies from two to five. The bigger the property, the more technicians will come and assist it. We ask the Client to keep in mind that this is done in order for us to complete the end of tenancy cleaning session as soon as possible.

  • How do you determine your prices and should I expect any additional charges?

    The Client will receive a firm quotation upon booking our services. The prices are reasonable and determined on the basis of how big your property is. Our prices are tax- and equipment-included. As for additional charges, we assure the Client that they will not be imposed any surcharges.

  • Do I have the carpet cleaned as well?

    Unfortunately, carpet cleaning is not part of our professional end of tenancy cleaning services. Nevertheless, the Client can book our company for a carpet cleaning plus end of tenancy cleaning session – huge discounts are available.

  • Are your services limited in terms of time?

    No, our end of tenancy cleaning service is not limited in terms of time. We will send a team of professional technicians who will not stop cleaning until they have performed a thorough deep cleaning of each corner in your property.

  • How do you apply your guarantee?

    As the Client has been informed, our end of tenancy cleaning service comes with a 48-hour guarantee. After the cleaning session has ended, we will send a professional to inspect the way our technicians have performed the service. Should the professional find anything wrong, within 48 hours we will send a cleaning team to perform the service again. The re-cleaning session is completely free on part of the Client.

Just for your peace of mind, know that they are insured and you are provided with money back guarantee! In case you’re not over the moon with their results, don’t lie in the gutter looking at the stars, call us!

We will give it a second shot to try to catapult you there! And if you don’t feel like flying, we will straightforwardly return your money at once! That was our cleaning staff! It’s nice to meet you! They asked us to remember them to you!

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    Let’s step into the showroom room when we’ll give a presentation of our package of services under the sounds of Journey and their song “Any way you want it”. We thought it be a fitting background because it depicts exactly our line of work.

    See the long list of services and their exhaustive descriptions? Yes, all of them are at your disposal! You are not dreaming! Pinch yourself if you have to or wait until you see the actual results because they will be unbelievably good!

    As the most experienced end of tenancy cleaning provider in Maida Vale, we know what is needed for an impressive move-out report.

    tenancy cleaners londonGlory be! You’re wondering if this is what you think it is for real?! Let us show our leading high-tech equipment and professional detergents! If you wish, we can tell you all about them.

    Our cleaners will use their skillful hands to put them to good use in your rental place. We can assure they are absolutely safe and they won’t cause any damage whatsoever. Our tools are tried and tested to guarantee exquisite results!

    Did somebody raise their hand?! You’re asking about the price? That is the big question, isn’t it?! We see how much you care about your place and that you’re going to miss it enormously. We have no intention to rob you and give you more reasons to be sad. It’s just on contrary! We offer you a tailored cleaning plan for a price that is considerate for your budget.

    Here our visual tour ends. We hope you had a great time with us and we’re waiting to hear from you soon!

    Our clients Testimonials

    “Moving out was one of the most stressful things I have done so far. I experienced a lot of different emotions with everything that was going around. A significant great help was you guys cleaning my apartment instead of me, so that I could get my deposit back.

    I was so overwhelmed by my job, running errands and had trouble running a normal social life. I had a week before I had to leave the place. The clock was ticking and I was doing nothing about cleaning the apartment so that my landlord would be satisfied with the state I leave it in. As I started cleaning it I noticed that there were some stains on the furniture and even the wall that seemed impossible to clean off. I did what I could with the kitchen and the bathroom, but I knew, deep inside that it wasn’t enough.

    The deadline got near and I called on your cleaning company. It was the best choice I have made in that period because it was totally worth it! My apartment was made perfectly cleaned in less than two days. I noticed immediately how the atmosphere was changing. Everything seemed so clean and nice. The place looked fantastic and I wished I could live in it just a few more days to enjoy it. I can’t thank your cleaners enough for doing such a good, thorough job. They made sure every detail was followed to the point and the end results speaks for itself.

    My landlord was rather surprised to see the place so clean and tidy. Once again, I am bad cleaner and I though he knew that. The important thing is that it is all behind me now, and having my apartment cleaned with you was the one, of a very few, good things that has happened during that period. Thank you, sincerely. – Michelle”

    “It seems that your cleaners are the epitome of Mr. Clean because they do know their trade inside out! Last month when I had to move out of my apartment after spending more than eight years there, I was at a crossroad having to decide whether to toil at the end of tenancy cleaning myself (which I’m proficiently good at by the way) or to enlist the help of the professionals.

    The latter sounded more reasonable given my busy schedule. I figured that it’s not gonna cost me millions anyway so I got your number from an advertisement in the newspaper. I’m old-fashioned that way. I’m also very pedantic when cleaning is involved, which means I had demands. I had a list a mile long with chores in order of importance. I had charts. I had color coding. The real clean freak deal!

    I wanted to do my share even if I wasn’t able to be there. And all of that was bottom line completely unnecessary. Who am I kidding?! You are the real professionals! You agreed to my demands with a smile and fulfilled it to the last bullet point. There were bullet points too, yes, for the subset of tasks… Thanks for being for agreeable and easy to work with as opposed to me, who surely must have stretched a nerve or two.

    I was calling you every two hours to follow your progress, after all. I don’t think that a mother checks with her baby so often to see how they’re doing. In truth, my home is my child and this apartment was my home for quite some time. You’ve done a marvelous job. I couldn’t have done it better myself! Thank you. – Naya”