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Deep Cleaning Services LondonVauxhall offers many and effective ways you can avoid the end of tenancy cleaning of your old home and still deliver your landlord the desired end results. By having a professional cleaning company handle the cleaning for you you are entitled to a thorough cleaning of the property, one that is entirely based on your needs and desires.

The diligent cleaning technicians that work in Tidy Cleaning London are capable of a really thorough, high-standard cleaning. One that relieves you entirely of your responsibilities as a tenant to clean the property before vacating it.

They are familiar with everything there is to know about the end of tenancy cleaning and achieving perfect end results- one that will most definitely earn you back the full amount of your deposit.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices
Studio flat from £89
One Bedroom Property from £145
Two Bedroom Property from £165
Three Bedroom Property from £189

end of tenancy cleaning servicesThe merits of having Tidy Cleaning London carry out the cleaning that is being asked of you, are many: most important of which is that you are guaranteed to receive an end result that is compatible with your own needs and preferences.

Any cleaning chore included in the regular service packet can be dropped if you think it does not need a more thorough handling. As a customer of one of the most diligent and trustworthy end of tenancy cleaning companies in Vauxhall you are given the opportunity and choice to add up to our cleaners’ to-do list.

The reason why letting Tidy Cleaning London handle the end of tenancy cleaning for you is the best thing for both you and your landlord is quite simple, in one word- professionalism.

Undertaking such an enormous task by yourself and expecting great results is doable, given that you have the time, skills and technology for the job, otherwise you are prone to failure and losing face, as well as your deposit.

  • How many technicians should I expect?

    Depending on how big your property is, the number of technicians which will come and attend your property varies from two to five. The bigger the property, the more technicians will come and assist it. We ask the Client to keep in mind that this is done in order for us to complete the end of tenancy cleaning session as soon as possible.

  • How do you determine your prices and should I expect any additional charges?

    The Client will receive a firm quotation upon booking our services. The prices are reasonable and determined on the basis of how big your property is. Our prices are tax- and equipment-included. As for additional charges, we assure the Client that they will not be imposed any surcharges.

  • Do I have the carpet cleaned as well?

    Unfortunately, carpet cleaning is not part of our professional end of tenancy cleaning services. Nevertheless, the Client can book our company for a carpet cleaning plus end of tenancy cleaning session – huge discounts are available.

  • Are your services limited in terms of time?

    No, our end of tenancy cleaning service is not limited in terms of time. We will send a team of professional technicians who will not stop cleaning until they have performed a thorough deep cleaning of each corner in your property.

  • How do you apply your guarantee?

    As the Client has been informed, our end of tenancy cleaning service comes with a 48-hour guarantee. After the cleaning session has ended, we will send a professional to inspect the way our technicians have performed the service. Should the professional find anything wrong, within 48 hours we will send a cleaning team to perform the service again. The re-cleaning session is completely free on part of the Client.

There are many things, places and spots to consider when performing a thorough cleaning up of your property. Vacating a rental home means that you are supposed to clean it thoroughly and bring it back to a state that resembles a newly constructed and stationed home- there cannot be any small details left behind as they can jeopardize the entire curriculum – the only way to ensure that this won’t happen is to let Tidy Cleaning London and its handy cleaners handle the cleaning for you.

We will bring your rental place to a state of utter cleanliness- by carefully planning every single detail of your cleaning you can rest assured that it will be a total success in the hands of our diligent employees – they are all licensed, vetted, ensured and with a great deal of experience and professionalism.

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    You cannot expect nothing lesser than perfection from us, we are good at what we do and we love doing it. To us cleaning is more than a job, it is our way to contribute to the world and make your lives easier with plenty.

    tenancy cleaners londonEnd of tenancy cleaning is nothing like any other cleaning that you might be able to perform on your own- it is supposed to be impeccable and detailed, carried out to perfection without any omissions and lapses of an important cleaning details.

    Suffice your landlord’s expectations and your own by purchasing an extremely detailed end of tenancy cleaning from Tidy Cleaning London, one that will account for the return of your full deposit back and the satisfaction of your proprietor.

    Why struggle with the labours of end of tenancy cleaning when Tidy Cleaning London is the one cleaning service in Vauxhall, Finchley and Finsbury Park completely on your side?

    You cannot possibly think that the end results we will provide for you will be anything like the ones you could do on your own – the difference between you and us is our skill, equipment, experience, knowledge and complete utter dedication.

    Our clients Testimonials

    “I am so glad I took my sister’s advice and booked your company’s end of tenancy cleaning service. I am so happy I was able to work with you, guys. Your attention to detail amazed me since every inch of the property was thoroughly sanitised. Thanks to your diligent technicians and their outstanding cleaning session, I received my security deposit back.” – Connie

    “Hello. I just wanted to express my gratitude to your company and its comprehensive end of tenancy cleaning service. I have never seen the living areas in a better condition. You came at the appointed time and immediately started working. My rented flat was sanitised at a great rate and the results were very high. Your service deserves every word of praise.” – Bethany